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About me

It was during my adolescence in the 60s/70s in Milan , in a to say the least scorching Città Studi , amid student protests and riots, that I began to understand the importance of capturing the moment, the expression, the face, the situation through a photograph. I understand how important it is to be a photographer-reporter. In the '70s I moved to the Como area, where I began to carry out my profession and cultivated my passion for photography. Like many at the time, I approach photography with the classic Kodak, Polaroid, etc...

Then, one fine day, I treat myself to a splendid Olympus OM10 . Obviously I could not do without telephoto lenses, zooms, filters, tripods and everything a photographer needs, even if only an amateur. Only later, I understand that photography is not just a matter of camera or various accessories, but depends on the ability of the shooter, who manages to capture the moment, the place, the light, the atmosphere and above all from the inspiration.

The arrival of new technologies, another of my great passions, leads me to digital photography, this time with a Canon . From that moment on, I decided to take pictures in the simplest and most natural way possible. I do not tolerate the idea of retouching the photos, artfully modifying them to make them "perfect" and/or "without defects". I think that a "retouched" photo is no longer a document that captures the moment, but becomes an image created specifically for other purposes and/or for self-satisfaction. That's why I avoid using flash . I simply want " the shot ", the one that transforms a banal image into a "unique" and "unrepeatable moment". I want my photo to become a "historical document" that tells what I saw.

In 2014 circumstances led me to move to the province of Varese. Lately my desire to photograph has increased and this has made me want to experiment with new photographic techniques while still maintaining my rule of not retouching the shots. So I fulfilled this wish by replacing the old Canon with a new one and a nice collection of lenses. The advent of the latest generation smartphones, exceptional tools, increases my potential and allows me to take pictures even in completely new situations.

Over the years, I've amassed an endless list of objects of desire alongside my camera. Today, I am the proud owner of a fantastic smartphone, specially designed for photography enthusiasts. I have also added interesting tools such as a telescopic rod with remote control and a Gimbal , a very useful tool for photographing and filming on the move.

Despite many positive signals and invitations received, over the years I have not participated in exhibitions, competitions or events. I made my debut in 2018 by participating in " giornodarteaVarese " where I found great satisfaction in the feedback and judgment of the public. Since then I have continued to exhibit my photos in other group exhibitions, always obtaining great satisfaction. I had the pleasure of being involved as a photographer in various events, music festivals, concerts.

My shots, preferably in black and white, even if I don't disdain color, "stop the moment" in its most natural and original form. It's a patient and difficult search for light, moments and situations, until I find the right moment , or at least what seems like it to me, the best conditions, the moment to make a magical and unrepeatable " CLICK ".

How much time do I spend in post-production? Almost nothing because I believe that photography should be the mirror of that precise moment and every modification or retouching makes the document a fake , an image that distorts reality.

For these reasons I made the aphorism my own


“The amateur photographer cares about having the right equipment, the professional cares about money, and the master cares about light”

(George B.IR)

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