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Giovanni Tommasi 
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I was born in Milan on April 8, 1959 .

I grew up in the "very hot" Città Studi area where, due to large mass movements and protests, I began to understand and discover the importance of capturing the moment, the expression, the face, the situation with an image. In practice I understand the importance of the photojournalist and photographic reportage.

In the 70s I moved to the Como area where I carried out my profession and cultivated my passion for photography .

In 2014 life circumstances lead me to move to the province of Varese, but I keep alive the connections with Como to which I am linked and where I carry out my profession.

Like everyone at the time, I approached photography with the classic Kodak, Polaroid, etc… then, one fine day, I treated myself to a beautiful Olympus OM10. Naturally, a telephoto lens, zoom, filters, tripod and everything needed by a photographer, even if an amateur, could not be missing.

Only later did I discover that photography is not only the result of the camera or the various accessories, but of the ability of the shooter, of those who know how to seize the moment, the place, the light, the atmosphere and above all inspiration.

The arrival of new technologies, another great passion of mine, leads me to digital, always with an Olympus. From this moment I decide to photograph in the simplest and most natural way possible.

The arrival of new technologies, another great passion of mine, leads me to digital, always with an Olympus. From this moment I decide to photograph in the simplest and most natural way possible. I do not tolerate "photo retouching", the artfully modified photo to make it "just" and/or "without defects". I believe that a "retouched" photo is no longer a document that captures the moment, but becomes an image created ad hoc for another use and/or for self-celebration. It is for this reason and therefore by choice that I avoid, if possible, the use of flash. I simply want "The shot", the one that makes a simple shot a "unique moment" and "absolutely unrepeatable" in practice I want my photo to become a "historical document" that tells what I saw.

In recent times I have felt the need to return to the reflex, this time digital and the desire to experiment with new photographic techniques has increased while remaining faithful to my principle of not retouching the shots. So I fulfilled this desire by giving myself a Canon EOS 200D with 10/18 18/55 and 55/250 lenses.

The advent of the latest generation of smartphones, exceptional tools, increases my potential and makes shots possible even in completely new situations. Over time I have joined my camera with an infinite series of objects of desire. Today I am the happy owner of a Huawei P20 PRO designed mainly for photography enthusiasts to which I have added some interesting tools such as the telescopic rod with remote control and the Gimbal.

Over the years, despite the many positive signals and invitations received, I have never participated in exhibitions, competitions or events. I made my debut in 2018 by participating in "Art Days in Varese" finding great satisfaction in the response and judgment of the public. Other exhibitions and many, many satisfactions followed.

My shots “stop the moment” in its natural and original condition. It is a patient and difficult search for light, for moments and situations until I find the right moment, or what seems to me to be the right moment, the best conditions, the moment to make the magical and unrepeatable "CLICK".

​How much time do I spend on post-production? Almost nothing because I believe that the photograph should be the mirror of that precise moment and any alteration, modification or retouching makes the document a fake, a distortion of reality.

It is for these reasons that I have made the following aphorism my own:

“The amateur photographer cares about having the right equipment, the professional cares about money, and the master cares about light”

(George B.IR)

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